Probelamtika Pembelajaran Bahasa Arab Melalui Aplikasi Google Meet dan Solusi Pemecahannya


  • Wildan Mahmudin Institut Agama Islam Tasikmalaya


Problematics, Learning, Solution


Offline and online have become an academic atmosphere that has been carried out in the
learning process, especially after the emergence of the covid-19 pandemic. Many problems
arise in the implementation of online Arabic learning through the Google meet application,
and these problems are mainly related to non-linguistics such as motivation, infrastructure,
and others. Therefore, researchers are interested in conducting research related to the
Problems of Learning Arabic through the Google Meet Application and at the same time
exploring solutions to overcome these problems. The purpose of the research is to find out the
implementation, prolematics and solution solutions in Arabic language learning through the
use of the Google Meet application in the PAI Study Program Level I IAIT Tasikmalaya. This
research was conducted using a qualitative descriptive method, where the researcher took
data through interviews with Arabic language lecturers and first-level PAI IAIT students. The
results of this study are: 1) Learning is carried out according to the RPS and lecture schedule
with the method often used is the sermon or lecture method and evaluates after before closing the lesson. 2) The problems obtained are: a) Incomprehensive understanding of the material;
b) The limitations of lecturers in the ability to use the Google Meet application; c) Students
are not controlled optimally during learning; d) Weak internet network. 3) To overcome these
problems, the lecturers make various efforts with full creativity and innovation in realizing
effective online Arabic learning.