Filantropi Islam: Peran dan Problematika Dalam Pencapaian Sustainable Development Goals


  • Irwan Fauzy Ridwan Institut Agama Islam Tasikmalaya

Kata Kunci:

Filantropi Islam, Sustainable Development Goals, Peran


This study aims to examine the roles and problems faced by Islamic philanthropy in the effort to achieve the
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by using a qualitative approach in its analytical method and reviewing
the literature on its research design. Through the literacy search process carried out, the results of the study
reveal that there are several important roles of Islamic philanthropy in supporting the achievement of sustainable
development goals. The problem factors in accelerating achievement are that there are individual factors and
institutional factors that must be eliminated, and the need for regulatory support so that it will avoid
misunderstanding and overlapping of each Islamic philanthropic instrument that can hinder the achievement of
sustainable development in poverty alleviation goals and reduction of economic inequality. Among the solutions
offered in this research is through an individual approach in the form of understanding and institutional
approaches in order to create synergy, sustainability and completeness of programs in achieving the Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs).