ANALISIS PEMBIAYAAN QARDHUL HASAN TERHADAP PENDAPATAN USAHA MIKRO (Studi Komparatif pada Koperasi Serba Usaha Solusi Terencana Finansial Jembar Tasikmalaya)


  • Rini Muflihah Institut Agama Islam Tasikmalaya

Kata Kunci:

Pembiayaan, Pendapatan Usaha Mikro


The purpose of this research is to know and study the Influence of Qardhul Hasan Financing on Micro Business
Income on KSU STF Jembar Tasikmalaya by comparing Micro Business Revenue before and after obtaining
Financing. This research uses comparative research method with quantitative approach. Sampling technique
used is non probability sampling with saturated sampling approach so that the population that becomes the
subject of research is all members of the population of 28 people. Data collection is done by using questionnaire
to know the level of income before and after financing. Technique of processing and data analysis is done by
Paired T-test statistic by using computer program SPSS version 22.0. Based on the results of research show that
Qardhul Hasan Financing in KSU STF Jembar Tasikmalaya have positive effect to micro business income. In
prove by test Paired Sample T-test It appears that thitung is with probability 0.000 <0,05, then Ho is rejected.
Which means Revenue before and after Financing is not the same or different as real